Board Members

Christopher McIntyre


Christopher McIntyre is a Regional Partnership Executive at the National Inventors Hall of Fame and works with community partners to provide educational programming in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Chris joined the National Inventors Hall of Fame in July of 2019.

Prior to joining the team at NIHF, Chris was working for the Boy Scouts of America in Stark, Tuscarawas, and Carroll counties managing a board of volunteers to succeed in fundraising, program planning, recruitment, and training. Chris received a bachelor’s degree in Geographic Information Sciences from The Ohio State University and maintained a Top-Secret clearance while making maps during his first career in Wooster, OH. Chris’ mission is to help map the way for kids to become successful leaders and innovators. Chris and his wife Jami, who is an academic advisor for Kent State University Stark, welcomed their first child, Archer into the world in January of 2021!

I used to be fairly active in community networking and enjoy canoeing and hiking. I also dabbled in keeping bees and making wine, but that has changed so much in the last few years! Now that I am a new dad, I love spending time with family and spend any extra time working on updating our home room by room.

Connecting people! It may take years, but everyone I meet has a story and I will help them in their journey if I am able.

Well to start, I LOVE to cook, and I also love to eat! I feel like It was time for me to give back to the community again, which I was doing regularly in my role working for the Boy Scouts. After successfully changing careers and getting to start to know the ropes of fatherhood, I am also yearning to push myself to continue to grow as a person. Supporting the mission of Compassion Delivered is a great way to for me to utilize and grow my skillsets.

I can’t really say I have a hero. I have so many great mentors, family members, and friends that keep me on the straight and narrow.

I am not a fan of wearing ANY shoes and only wear sandals so that I don’t have to repeatedly have the same conversation about how it is not against the law or any violation of health or safety codes to be barefoot.