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Colleen Kirkbride

Board Member

I grew up in North Canton, Ohio, as the second oldest of four children.  I went to St. Paul’s School through 8th grade and then on to Hoover High School.  I graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Interior Design.  I am married to my husband Steve, and we have two children, Lexi and Aidan.  My household could be considered a small zoo with our two pups, Lar (German Shepherd) and Finlay (Golden Retriever), and two cats, Smore and Shadoe (named by our then 5-year-old). 

I have worked at Ohio Desk for 22 years as a workplace consultant specializing in ergonomics, education research, and design.  I love working with people, understanding things that are not working in their environment, and finding a solution to help make them more productive and engaged and leaving work feeling better than when they arrived.  I have also worked in Facilities Design and as an Interior Designer at a high-end residential design firm.

I love to spend time with my family and friends.  Being around people refreshes me.  I enjoy baking – it is a stress reliever for me- My husband would say it does not help his waistline!  Good thing we love the gym!  When I am traveling and cannot read, I listen to audiobooks.   I love to be outside in the warm weather, gardening and enjoying the sunshine!  You will also find me refinishing and building live edge furniture.  I love to be creative!

My Family.  I work hard to make sure they are loved and supported.  I want to build into them and share the love of Christ with them. I love being a wife and mom!

I was invited to the 2022 golf outing as well as the Gala and fell in love with Amanda’s passion and her heart for others.  Being a cancer survivor, I felt a deep connection to the organization and knew I wanted to be a part in some way.  I care deeply for others; if I can give back and make even a small impact on their lives, my heart is full.

My grandma is my hero.  Mary Camilla Heim was the oldest of 9 children and became a nurse in her early 30s after caring for all her siblings.  She was highly respected in her community, loved God, and worked hard for everything she earned.  She loved us deeply and always had orange tang and vanilla ice cream with apricot glaze when we visited!  She was one of a kind, and I can only hope that I am half of the woman she was!

I am very competitive and think that there is nothing I cannot do.  Give me a challenge, or tell me I cannot do something, and I will try to prove you wrong!   I’m also a little bit of a perfectionist, which I 100% blame on my German grandfather, Fred Heim (Whom I adored).