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Cortney Ayers is the Director of Strategy at Sanctuary, a digital marketing agency in North Canton. She helps companies grow their businesses by developing end-to-end marketing strategies, and then works with a team of specialists to execute the plan. Prior to working at Sanctuary, Cortney worked in various roles at Aultman Hospital for nearly 12 years, spending five of those years as a Marketing, Advertising, PR and Digital Media Coordinator.

As a lifelong resident of Stark County, Cortney resides with her husband Patrick and their beloved bernedoodle Millie. Cortney volunteers at her church, The Summit, and also serves at the North Canton Cares Pantry.

I love to travel! And more low-key, I really enjoy making things – baking, cooking, building, hand-lettering – I’m up for (almost) anything.
I’m really inspired by goals and vision. Whether they’re my own or something I’m helping a team work toward, knowing where we’re heading inspires me to get it done.
After hearing Amanda’s passion for Compassion Delivered and having been recently looking for ways to get more involved in the community, I knew I wanted to serve. Hearing the stories of how families in our community are impacted and touched by the work of Compassion Delivered will lead anyone to want to help! Knowing a family who was served meals through Compassion Delivered during a tragically difficult circumstance made me understand it all a little more. Our community needs this, and I want to help.
My mom is the first person who came to mind. Relentlessly loyal, supportive, and hardworking, my mom stops at nothing when it comes to being there for her family and friends. She’s taught me the importance of doing what you say you’ll do and always trying your hardest. As someone who has seen me at my highest and lowest, she has always believed in me and has been the truest earthly depiction of unconditional love. She’s fun, strong and a heck of woman. I hope I become more like her every day.
I’m a lifelong William (aka: Billy) Joel fan. My siblings and I have been singing (aka: mumbling through) the spiraling headline-based lyrics of We Didn’t Start the Fire since I was four (and most recently we joined forces again in Las Vegas last summer).