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Jen Brackman

Board Member

As someone who has lost loved ones and cared for those with terminal illnesses, Jen cares deeply for those who are battling illness as well as for those who are caretakers. She truly believes in the vision and mission of Compassion Delivered.

Jen Brackman is the Quality and Population Health Director for Mercy Professional Care Corporation, the employed physicians group for Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital. Jen has been a nurse for 17 years in the community and previously held various leadership positions at Aultman Hospital and now for Cleveland Clinic Mercy Hospital. She truly believes that Compassion Delivered provides a holistic approach to caring for our community by providing nutritional meals so our “clients/patients/community members” (Wasn’t sure which to use) can focus on dealing and coping with their life threatening illnesses.

Jen and her three children reside (Olivia, Luke and Kaleigh) in North Canton with their beloved French bulldog, Winston.

Hiking, reading, yoga, anything with my kids.
Authenticity—when someone is genuinely comfortable in their own skin, their own beliefs and their own passions. I love that!
After seeing what a blessing many churches/organizations/neighbors/family/friends were to a family member who bravely battled brain cancer for 4 years, I wanted to be able to give back to my local community to be a blessing for others during a time of need.
Simple—my dad. He was the most giving, supportive and caring person that I know. While he was most known for talking (ha!), he was always there to listen as well. The best lesson he instilled in me: When anyone identified a need they had, his first question was always, “How can I help?”