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Board Member

Lori is currently the Group Life Director for the North Canton Chapel where she oversees adult ministry as well as training and leadership development. She also does private consulting and coaching in personal and cultural growth. Lori brings Compassion Delivered 28 years in the health and fitness industry where she most recently held the position of Health and Wellness Director for the Paul and Carol David YMCA in Jackson Township and served as faculty in Leadership Development and Exercise Programming for YMCA of the USA.

Lori believes that overall wellness incorporates the spirit, mind and body and feels that what Compassion Delivered provides is so much more than a meal. The care, love and personal touches that they implement are the intangible needs that we all need for well-being.

Lori and her husband Nick reside in Canton, are owners of Carnation Chiropractic Center in Alliance, and have 4 grown sons. She is an avid runner and exercise enthusiast.

As someone who has lost loved ones to terminal illnesses, Lori cares deeply for those who are battling illness as well as for those who are caretakers and truly believes in the vision and mission of Compassion Delivered.

Hiking, kayaking, anything outdoors, reading.
Inspired by those who face life’s challenges with unwavering faith
On board of directors because I believe in the vision and mission of the organization and want to be a small part of what they do in caring for others. If any of my skills can be utilized to accomplish this, then use away!
Hero: hmm…honestly, Jesus is my only hero, I admire many who have made a difference in this world.