Board Members



Mark Manwaring brings a wealth of audit and assurance experience to 415 Group. His knowledgeable background includes servicing for-profit and nonprofit organizations, 401(k)s and school Medicaid AUPs. In his current role, he complete audits, reviews and compilations to support the needs of clients. Mark received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, The University of Akron.

Mark enjoys spending time with his family, including his children and grandchildren. He is an avid soccer fan as well, and he can be found watching his favorite teams play during his free time.

I’m attempting to learn how to play the guitar. I also like to play softball, watch soccer, & spend time with friends and family.
People that give without expecting anything in return. People that lead a selfless life.
I am on the Board because I want to help a cause I am passionate about. By being on the board, I hope to be able to make a difference in people’s lives.
I would say Bill Gates. He created a program that forever changed the lives of anyone that touched a computer. Beyond that, he has become one of the world’s biggest philanthropist using his money to further the lives of an endless number of people around the world.
I am a huge fan of sci-fi. I love both Star Wars and Star Trek. And the little boy in me still collects baseball.