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Compassion Delivered Board - Amanda Anschutz

Amanda Anschutz


Amanda has been a long time resident of Stark County. She and her husband, Daniel have two beautiful daughters and they currently live in North Canton. Amanda brings more than 18 years of leadership, community involvement, customer relations, and marketing experience to the organization. In her career, she has worked with various organizations and fundraisers such as the Jackson/Canton Chamber of Commerce, YWCA, Stark County Planning, Young Professionals of Jackson Township and the Taste of the NFL presented by the Akron Canton Foodbank. She infuses passion and energy to every project and client relationship.

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A year ago, she and her husband began discussing what it would look like to form an organization like Compassion Delivered. After months of research, prayer, and consulting they made the discussion a reality and formed Compassion Delivered, a 501c3 non-profit. This isn’t a job to Amanda, this is taking care of people in the most uncertain times they will be facing during this season of their life.

Amanda’s career path has taken her from being a social worker with the Otis R. Bowen Center in Warsaw, Indiana to regional sales manager for the BEARACADE in Hudson Ohio. Amanda attended Grace College and Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana and majored in Business and Communication with a minor in Social Work and Elementary Education.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I like to spend time with my husband, daughters, family and friends. During the fall I like to watch the Ohio State Buckeyes! That really is the only sport I’ll watch anymore. I also enjoy meeting new people because I truly believe we have something to learn from one another if we just take time to listen.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by how others live life to the fullest, not afraid of taking a chance on life and making the most of every moment they are given.
Why are you on the board of directors? What emotional reasons?
I have witnessed firsthand the people who are trying to cope with their illnesses and diseases while trying to make sure their bodies receive the right nutrition and it’s a struggle. At some point, all of us will either be effected by it or know someone who needs Compassion Delivered’s services. We are called to be kind to one another, to help in the time of need and these is the reason we founded Compassion Delivered.

Who is a hero of yours?
My parents: they love unconditionally and I’m grateful that they have been my support and encouragement. Also Princess Diana: Her passion to help others and break down barriers to show compassion and love to those who thought they were unlovable.

What’s something quirky about you?
Most view me as an extrovert but I actually feel that I’m more introverted as I get older. I also don’t like people eating off my plate. I’ve been known to give my plate away if someone does so.

Compassion Delivered Board - Dennis Rowbotham

Dennis Rowbotham


Originally from sunny San Diego, CA, where Dennis spent 30+ years. During his high school years, he was active in the Boy Scouts of America, where he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. After graduating from Helix High School in La Mesa, CA, Dennis worked for a small aviation engine supply company called Pacific Turbine Support. Upon leaving as their Manger of Sales & Stores, he attended California State – San Marcos University where he earned a Bachelor’s in Accounting.

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After graduation, Dennis moved to Phoenix, AZ where he worked for Tri-West Healthcare as a Cost Accountant. In 2007 he moved to Perry, OH, where he started working as a Staff Accountant for Visual Edge Technology, a copier distributor in North Canton, OH. During his time there, he moved from Accountant to Senior Accountant, responsible for the books of four companies. In 2012, Dennis went to work for Fathom SEO, LLC, an online marketing company, as their Senior Accountant. After two years, was promoted to Manager of Financial Reporting & Analysis. During that time, he attended Ashland University where he earned a Masters in Business Administration. Currently Dennis is the Controller for Stellar Automotive Group in Seville, OH, a transmission parts & lubricant distributor.

He has been married to a lovely woman, Shelley Rowbotham, since 2014 and currently lives in the New Franklin, OH area. He is an active member at Anchor Baptist Church in Massillon, OH.

Compassion Delivered Board - Ashley Winter

Ashley Winter


Ashley loves acting, baking, and making people laugh in her spare time. She also enjoys making people feel comfortable in their own skin through her Mary Kay business and is the voice on the phone for the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce Jackson Office.

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What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy spending time with my friends and being part of different community activities. I also have a Mary Kay business that has allowed me to travel and meet other like-minded ladies across the country.

What inspires you?
God’s word and His compassion for others has truly inspired her in everything she does and has led her to Compassion Delivered.

Why are you on the board of directors? What emotional reasons?
I joined the board because I personally knows how disease can affect a whole family. My father, Michael passed from cancer and I was truly touched by how so many reached out to help during his journey and even after.

Who is a hero of yours?
Frederica Winter, my mom is my hero. She has been living with kidney disease for 6 years now (on dialysis) and still gets up and goes to work to provide for our family. My mom has always kept a great attitude and is a true inspiration. It is an honor to share that she has gotten a kidney transplant and now shows another perspective that will help with Compassion Delivered.

What’s something quirky about you?
I loves to quote movies. “You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are!”

Compassion Delivered Board - Patrick Willoughby

Patrick Willoughby

Patrick does it all. He works hard to make sure that our clients are happy and that our office’s day-to-day operations run smoothly. He works with our clients and internal Account Managers to ensure clear communication during each phase of a project. His job is to help our clients know how much we appreciate and value our relationship with them by providing outstanding customer service and a top-notch product. He’s also fascinated with cars (he only has four) and full of, well, useless auto knowledge…

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Patrick has also been key in helping our company adjust and stay focused as we’ve added lots of new employees, clients, and even office space over the past several years. Through it all, he’s able to keep things running smoothly and our clients happy!

When not at work, Patrick’s life revolves around his wife (Kari), Daughters (Anna Grace & Charlotte) and the animals (Dalton & Oxford). He enjoys the time he has with his family and friends. You will usually find him spending his time on his house and working in the yard. And when he gets the chance he will be camping and spending time being outside!

Where he gained experience and knowledge: Miami University-Oxford, OH. In between dreaming about cars, Patrick earned a B.A. in Speech Communication, with a Minor in Marketing. He was also an “IT guy/project manager” at Oak Associates, Ltd., after a gig managing the data center at Dairy Mart, Inc. corporate headquarters.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Be outside. Spend time with my family & friends. Tinker with cars.

What inspires you?
People that do what they say they are going to and tell it like it is. A get it done attitude.

Why are you on the board of directors? What emotional reasons?
Amanda asked me to seriously, having worked together before, I know the kind of person she is and that I wanted to partner with her again on this adventure. Not to mention the mission of what this organization stands for and how it helps people is so unique.

Who is a hero of yours?
Wilmer Cowgill, my Grandfather. Only knew him until I was 13 yrs old but was a guy everyone liked being around and respected. Family man but liked to have fun. Would help anyone he could, believed in God and gave back to his community. I hope I am something like that or striving to be.

What’s something quirky about you?
Hates mushrooms, He wanted to be a Vehicle Test Driver for the Ford Company when he grew up. Moved 5 times while growing up. Was one of 5 people to found the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity chapter at Miami University.

Compassion Delivered Board - Ryan Johnston

Dr. Ryan Johnston

Ryan grew up in Jamaica, Iowa and attended Wayne State College in Nebraska for his bachelor’s degree. He then attended Mid-America Seminary for his Maters of Divinity and Union University for his doctorate. Ryan lived in Memphis Tennessee for 10 years and worked with young adults for the first decade of his career. He and his family moved to Ohio where they have lived for the last 5 years. Ryan is currently serving as the Lead Pastor for the North Canton Chapel.

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What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love spending time with my wife and four girls.

What inspires you?
I am inspired in all I do by Jesus Christ who has, is, and forever will be the greatest inspiration in his life because of what he has done for me.

Why are you on the board of directors? What emotional reasons?
My heart breaks for those who do not have the ability to care for their most basic need during illness and it is a privilege to be a part of an organization that is meeting people in that need.

Who is a hero of yours?
One of my heroes is my Father, there has never been a moment in my life that have not been able to vulnerable with him and he has always allowed me to feel, no matter what, that I belonged. He has modeled to me how my father in heaven sees me, and for that very reason, he is my hero.

What’s something quirky about you?
My excessive love for all things sport, seriously I love it all and am obsessed.

Compassion Delivered Board - Heather Smith

Heather Smith

Heather Smith is a Regional Sales Specialist for a leading regenerative medicine company, Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. She has been in sales over 11 years and in the healthcare field for 14 years. She graduated from the University of Akron with her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and is currently a Registered Dietitian. She continued her education by obtaining her Master’s in Business at the University of Akron with a concentration in Management.

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What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I like to spend time with my family, I like to run, and enjoy the outdoors.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by helping others and by seeing the way giving even a little can make a huge difference in others’ lives.

Why are you on the board of directors? What emotional reasons?
I think that people who are stricken with illness are both emotionally and physically taxed and by helping with a very important aspect of their care, nutrition, it can really make a difference in the healing process.

Who is a hero of yours?
My mother, my dad, my sister and my husband – all for different reasons.

What’s something quirky about you?
I am a Dietitian and my favorite food is chips and dip.

Compassion Delivered Board - Andrew Anthony

Andrew Anthony

Andrew was born in Stark Co. and went to East Canton High school and later attended Kent State University. Andrew has a Bachelor’s of Arts and Communication. Early in his career he spent time as an account manager in the marketing field. Andrew then spent the last 6 years in New York City where he worked in the commercial film industry and worked alongside of brands such as ESPN, Google, Victoria Secret, Godiva Chocolates, American Breast Cancer Society and TV Land. Andrew recently moved back to NE Ohio where he and his wife Emily and their dog Hugo reside.

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After moving back, Andrew opened up his own film company called Down the Road Productions. His company specialized in video production specializing in web and social strategy content. He is excited to work with companies and industries here in our community and throughout the state. Andrew looks forward to being more involved in the community through his work with Compassion Delivered.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Run, Watch Films, Pursue Creativity

What inspires you?
People who are risk takers. Conversations with people who have nothing in common with me.

Why are you on the board of directors? What emotional reasons?
I have seen illness firsthand, not necessarily in the elderly, but in those close to me struggling day to day. There is sometime a loneliness that accompanies illness. To me small gestures of compassion and giving can go farther than one even knows to those in need.

Who is a hero of yours?
My mother for her strength and any artist because they allow themselves to be exposed to the world.

What’s something quirky about you?
I don’t know anything that I would define as quirky. I don’t appreciate bold clothing though.

Compassion Delivered Board - TJ Murphy

TJ Murphy

TJ is the co-owner of Edible Arrangements in Akron and Canton Ohio. He graduated from Youngstown State University in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Health. TJ is currently an ambassador with the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce and has been involved in various local young professional groups. TJ has a strong desire to help and encourage personal growth and change. He has held various management positions in for-profit and non-profit arenas. TJ is married. He and his wife Heather have three wonderful children, Odessa, and twins Calan and Hudson.

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What do you like to do in your spare time?
What spare time? I get the privilege of watching my three kids play sports year around. We believe strongly in team sports and how it can prepare them to be future leaders. As a local business owner, I also like to network and learn about area businesses.

Why are you on the board of directors? What emotional reasons?
I’m all about doing something bigger than myself and working with people to accomplish something super special. Being part of compassion delivered was a no-brainer because I can positively engage people who are becoming hopeless. Terminal illnesses effect every family and we want to be there to educate, equip, and inspire people to get better through proper nutrition.

Who is a hero of yours?
One of my favorite questions. My HERO is my late Grandma Steele. She raised me when she was in her own retirement and gave me so much love and support anyone could ask for. I witnessed her religious beliefs and how she continuously gave to her community.

What’s something quirky about you?
I consider myself to be somewhat of a professional SKEEBALL player.

Compassion Delivered Board - Katie Wright

Katie Wright

Katie is a life-long resident of Tuscarawas County. She has been married to her husband, Dave, for 13 years and they have two amazing children – Madison, 11 and Cameron, 9. She and her family currently live in New Philadelphia. Katie has one older brother, Nick, who is an attorney and resides in Columbus, Ohio. She is a family girl and cherishes the moments they all have together! Early in 2017, she nearly lost her mom to a sudden heart attack followed by emergency open heart surgery, which has really helped her to understand life’s story – and understand how important every day is, so she lives life to the fullest!

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She attended nursing school at Kent State University where she received an Associate’s Degree in Nursing in 2002. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2009 and her Master’s Degree in Nursing (administrative focus) in 2012. She have been employed at Aultman Hospital for 16 years. Katie began her professional career as a bedside nurse and joined the leadership team in 2008 as a Unit Director. Her current job title is Associate Vice President of Healthcare Delivery System Care Coordination. Katie has executive responsibility for discharge planning, utilization management, bed management and a 16-bed observation unit.

Professionally, she strives for excellence, but accepts that no one is perfect. She really enjoys teamwork and collaboration, and being challenged to work on a new project. The value of a high-functioning team is priceless and she is blessed to be part of a pretty great team! Personally, she is committed to paying it forward and giving back and values the mission of Compassion Delivered. She is committed to seeing this project flourish to the members of Stark County and looks forward to watching it expand and grow! Katie also happens to really enjoy laughter and doesn’t like to dwell on the negative things – that has been a skill that has helped her grow both personally and professionally. Seeing the bright side and not allowing setbacks to be portrayed as failures has really changed her life!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two children, Madison (11) and Cameron (9). We are avid lovers of all things sports! I enjoy golfing (although I am not very good!) and also like to garden.

What inspires you?
Being challenged and learning new things! I love thinking outside of the box. If something doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean it was a failure. It means you try again! I am also inspired by being a mom – I am committed to raising my kids to truly be GOOD people and to give back!

Why are you on the board of directors? What emotional reasons?
I think Compassion Delivered is a wonderful endeavor and will greatly impact our community. I haven’t been personally touched by Cancer, but I have been affected by heart disease and other chronic illnesses with my parents. I know what it is like to be in need and how wonderful it feels to have someone give back, no matter the gesture. Compassion Delivered will allow someone struggling with an illness to spend time thinking of themselves and their needs, rather than where their next meal is coming from.

Who is a hero of yours?
My mom, hands down! She lived many years in an unloving marriage for the sake of my brother and I. She raised us to be successful, respectful and honest people who truly value the importance of family! She is one of the bravest and strongest women I know and has certainly been an integral part in my personal and professional success.

What’s something quirky about you?
I really like roller coasters. =)

Compassion Delivered Board - Lynn Gastin

Lynn Gastin

Lynn received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Akron and her Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Malone University. Lynn is a licensed social worker and certified case manager. She has worked for Mercy Medical, and is currently at Aultman Hospital, where she has worked for the last 23 years. She is the Director of Discharge Services.

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What do you like to do in your spare time?
Spending time with my family, traveling and shopping.

What inspires you?
Might sound cliché, but being able to help others. Seeing the patients we work with have a successful outcome or knowing that I truly helped a patient/family. I traveled the journey of cancer with my dad and Alzheimer’s with my mom. I want to make sure I advocate and provide support in the way I wanted as a family member dealing with these situations and diagnosis.

Why are you on the board of directors?
I have recently lost both my parents in the past year. My daughter is heading off to college. I feel like the timing of Amanda meeting with us was a sign for me to become involved again in the community and support programs and initiatives that I feel drawn to and support.

What emotional reasons?
Love the vision and mission of this program and again, feel like I was put in the right place at the right time to meet with Amanda and become involved.

Who is a hero of yours?
My husband who has faced a chronic illness for years with dignity, determination, strength and courage like no one other.

What’s something quirky about you?
Although it’s not nerves, I shake my leg all the time so I will have that board room table moving!

Compassion Delivered Board - Mike Sturdivant

Mike Sturdivant

Mike has been a life-long resident of Stark County. Currently, Mike is the Regional Manager for Hattie Larlham where he oversees the Hattie’s Doggie Day Care & Boarding Vocational Programs in North East Ohio. With the support of his team, they hire and train individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities with the goal of helping them reach their dreams of receiving Independent Community Employment. In 2015 Mike was named one of Hattie Larlham’s Employees of the Year. He is also very active with the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce and Ystark! He is currently serving on Ystark’s Event Planning Committee, as well as the Executive Team. Mike is also a member of the North Canton Jaycees. He held the 2017 committee chair position for the Stark County Board of DD’s Special Olympics Track and Field Invitational. Also, he has worked with the American Cancer Society for their Real Men Wear Pink Campaign.

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Why are you on the board of directors? What emotional reasons? 
I think its safe to say Cancer has effected just about everyone in some way. For me personally I have had multiple family members who have battled cancer. One of which was my Aunt Shirley who lost her second battle with Breast Cancer in 2008.

Who is a hero of yours? 
I would have to say heroes. I have always looked up to both of my parents. My work ethic definitely comes from them. Growing up our family had a period where we faced some financial hardships. What they taught me during that time is that hard work and having a positive outlook no matter how the situation looks at the time will always get you through. They also instilled in me the desire to give back to the community and those in it.

What’s something quirky about you? 
I have a pretty extensive shoe collection. I think I have well over 100 pairs. Mainly running and basketball; although, I have learned in the past few years the importance of having a few nice pairs of dress shoes for every occasion.

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