North Cantonians help seriously ill individuals by delivering meals

By Denise Sautters, staff writer

Amanda Anschutz and her husband Daniel have reached out to the community and the community has welcomed them.

In January, the couple started Compassion Delivered, a nonprofit organization that provides medically tailored meals to people with serious illnesses.

“We are a 501(c)(3) organization. We provide nutritional meals to people coping with chronic, life-threatening illnesses and diseases here in our community at no cost.” said Amanda Anschutz of North Canton. “My husband and I truly believe that people should not have to choose between the medical care they need or suffer from the malnutrition and hunger caused by their illnesses or diseases. We recognize that eating healthy is expensive and when you are facing health issues, it’s usually not a top priority, so we are grateful to be able to provide these meals at no cost.”

The meals are funded through individual donations, foundations and corporations, said Anschutz. Deliveries are made on Fridays. Right now, the program is in its infancy stage, but the Anschutzes are looking forward to growing the program in 2018.

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